31 Degrees Celsius and very humid today. Panama’s temperature doesn’t seem to change much during the seasons. Summer time is dry and winter means daily showers.

Today the heat is suffocating. Panamanians say it “wants” to rain. Thick, gray, pregnant clouds, eager to release their cargo on us, float by but nothing happens. They hang around and pressure is building up. Sometimes they just go away, but today they suddenly explode right here and now:  Roaring, slamming the rooftops, bending tree branches, transforming the streets into small rivers.

Then just as sudden as it began, it’s over. The sun is back, doing it’s very best to get this piece of world dry.

Nature’s turbo drying system gives the surroundings a hazy appearance. Also it feels hotter than before the rain, but this is temporarily.  For a short time Panama looks fresh, clean and greener than ever. Dust and grime have disappeared and the daily noises are back: singing birds, barking dogs and honking cars caught up in traffic jams. People who have been taking shelter for the rain are now on the sidewalks waiting for buses and taxis.

Taxi drivers only allow dry passengers in their vehicles.

So if you want to go home today, go stand in the sun or walk around to get dry!


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