Café Coca Cola in Panama City, Panama

Originally posted on Lingua Franca:
Photo by ©Omar Upegui R. Café Coca Cola is the oldest cafe in Panama City, Panama or so they say.  A Panama City icon, opened its doors  in 1875, making it the oldest café in the city. It is also the only café in the world to be named “Coca Cola,” a namesake endorsed by the Coca-Cola corporation. Nobody knows for sure when Panama City’s Café Coca Cola acquired the nickname that has made it famous for most of the 20th century. The truth is that it was one of the first places in the… Continue reading Café Coca Cola in Panama City, Panama

Fast food

Fast Food restaurants in Panama have nothing to do with fast, quick or speedy. On the contrary. There is always a line and service is extremely slow. Of course there are exceptions but only when you get lucky enough to get serviced by a not-sleepwalking, tired or apathetic person.  In many of these places personnel have no idea how to treat their customers and while you are waiting they hang around and chat. The customer can wait. Panama has lots of nice restaurants with – most of the time – an excellent service. But when you have little time, an empty … Continue reading Fast food